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Gripping, Real, Beautiful – Prachi Chaube Addresses The Real Problems With Devi In Hindi

Zubin Driver‘s Falling Indians that delves into the minds of people from all walks of life. Based on those monologues and some new ones we have seen some theatrical gems like Mumbai vs Mumbai and Striptease: The Gender Dialogues. Striptease: The Gender Dialogues were quite popular and they carried a message that touched everyone man or woman. To break the barriers of language and to make sure these monologues sound even more intense, Zubin Driver Theatre is now performing Devi in Hindi. The theatre group has been performing this Guerilla theatre piece for more than a year now and Devi in Hindi has just made it even more interesting.

Devi in Hindi - BookMyShow Blog

What’s Devi in Hindi about:

Transcreated in Hindi and performed by Prachi Chaube, Devi in Hindi is a compilation of four short monologues. The first one is Striptease and sets the tone for the rest of the pieces. A woman strips in front of you – albeit in a very different way. She is stripping her mind layer by layer and in the end, you will realize she has revealed a lot. The second and the third monologues are one of the new ones and even they address topics that hit right home. The show ends with what is perhaps the strongest monologue of this piece, Devi. We have seen Devi been performed in all the theatrical versions of Zubin Driver’s monologues and we cannot get tired of it.

What works:

The thought behind transcreating the monologues into Hindi was a noble one and by the response, we saw in the audience, it clearly works. Prachi Chaube deserves a lot of applause not only for successfully transcreating these monologues but also for performing them so well. She was a single performer of all these monologues and the way she made each character unique is something you have to see to believe. The session with the audience at the end helped a lot in starting a conversation about the topics in the society. It was very interesting to see the various points of view people had and how they dealt with these problems in their lives.

What could have been better:

Absolutely nothing. The monologues were amazing, they gave a spark to the conversations we should be having right now, and at the end of day achieved everything they wished to achieve with this piece.

Why you should watch this play:

This play speaks to everyone who has faced problems in their lives because of their gender. It covers topics ranging from body shaming to discovering inner peace. It is also a platform where you get to talk about these problems and learn more about everyone’s struggles. Above all, the performance and the writing is excellent and sure to keep you hooked through it all.