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Eid It Up By The Bohri Kitchen: An Experience Of A Life-Time For Every Foodie

I have always thought about how I can make Monday mornings more positive and enjoyable. What I have come to realize is that you just gotta love what you do. You have to wake up in the morning, not thinking about why the weekend has come to an end, but looking forward to the new week. I spent my Saturday morning meeting a truly inspirational person and I got to savor some hard-core Eid special Bohri food that was drool-worthy. What started as an experiment by ex-googler, Munaf KapadiaThe Bohri Kitchen is an initiative to bring food from the Dawoodi Bohra community to those who don’t have easy access to it. And fortunately enough, I got a chance to tantalize my taste buds with the yummiest dishes on Bakri Eid.

Eid It Up By The Bohri Kitchen- BookMyShowIn an attempt to keep his mom busy and of course, earn accolades as well as some money out of her noteworthy culinary skills, Munaf along with his lovely mom, Nafisa Kapadia, take guests through the experience of eating in a Bohri thaal. So here are my thoughts on the experience of relishing a delicious Bohri meal.

The entire process is extremely well-organized. There is a Whatsapp group that was formed two days prior to the event, including all the guests and informing us about the venue as well as the detailed menu. Located in a quaint lane of Colaba, Munaf’s house was the perfect arrangement for a wholesome meal. We were welcomed with a refreshing nariyal paani cooler that I was grateful for after traveling across the city.

With cold glasses in our hands and an empty stomach, we settled down to understand the concept and the process of gorging on the food. Munaf explained to us the tradition of the Bohri thaal and the entire arrangement along with the sides, which consisted of khajur chutney, green chutney, limbu, pineapple raita and the peanut-filled green chili (a must-try).

Eid It Up By The Bohri Kitchen- BookMyShow

The Bohri meal is typically divided into three main divisions (if we may call it): Kharaas (savory starters), Jaman (main course) and Meethas (sweet dishes). So our meal began with smoked mutton kheema samosas, which were to be eaten with the green chutney and nimbu to enjoy the flavor. Next up was the chicken cream tikka (my personal favorite).

We were then served phirni garnished with dry fruits, which could easily be one of the best desserts I have tasted. The reason behind eating a sweet dish in the middle of the meal was to “refresh the palette”.

Eid It Up By The Bohri Kitchen- BookMyShow

The main course consisted of raan with kaju gravy and red gravy, kaleji-gardamalida (another well-known sweet dish) and the most awaited mutton dum biryani with paya soup.

Eid It Up By The Bohri Kitchen- BookMyShow

The drinks, rose sherbet with sabja seeds and jal jeera soda, were served in between the meals and towards the end respectively, which was well thought of for easy digestion.

Eid It Up By The Bohri Kitchen- BookMyShow

The last part of the 8-course meal was the fresh strawberry/mango/kesar pista Sancha ice cream and Magai paan. Phew!

Eid It Up By The Bohri Kitchen- BookMyShow

Well, if the pictures and our description of the experience were tempting enough, go ahead and book yourself a seat for their next dining experience. They usually arrange lunches every weekend at Rs.1500 per person and also provide home-delivery, if you are too lazy to move your limbs.