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Event Review – Master The Art Of Beer Pong

Beer Pong is probably the best drinking game. It's a lot of fun and moreover, extremely easy to understand for newbies. So when I got the chance to attend Beer Pong Slam – Owl Night, beer being my “poison”, I willingly agreed to review it. It was a gloomy Saturday evening and I was sure some craft beer would be perfect to cheer me up. Co-presented by Baadshah Gaming and powered by India’s first hangover drink, Morning Fresh, the Beer Pong Slam was held at White Owl in Lower Parel. The location made perfect sense for a casual Saturday evening as it set you in the right mood.

Event Review - Master The Art Of Beer Pong- BookMyShow The event is for those beer enthusiasts who know how to handle their hand-eye coordination. For all those who are still unaware of the rules, Beer Pong Slam is a drinking game in which players attempt to throw ping-pong balls across a table into an opponent’s cups filled with beer. The game is played between two teams. In this case, there was a total of 64 teams that participated. The team could either consist of one player (Rs. 500) or two players (Rs. 1000). The losing team is required to chug all the beer left on the table and spend the rest of the night hanging around being tipsy.

Event Review - Master The Art Of Beer Pong

The organizers were extremely warm and patient as the teams couldn’t turn up on time, thanks to Mumbai rains. These folks sure knew how to handle the crowd. All in all, it was an extremely casual event, where everyone had gathered for some fun and games. Teams had registered themselves with pretty funny names, ranging from Baby DollPakka Bevdas to Desi Laundas (the winners of the night). With some of the best in-house and hip-hop music being played in the background by DJ OM, the vibe was just perfect. With 10 cups of beer on each side of the table, this game was not meant for the faint hearted. Those who participated were almost professionals and knew their game really well. Even for first-timers like me, it was a great watch.

Event Review - Master The Art Of Beer Pong- BookMyShow

If you are still wondering why you should go, well, stop thinking. Prizes worth a total of INR one lakh will be up for grabs, as well as a cash prize of INR 20,000. And hey, don’t forget, you get to drink from White Owl’s beer collection.

Event Review - Master The Art Of Beer Pong- BookMyShow

All in all, the event was something that I would have definitely regretted had I missed it. It was an awesome first-time Beer Pong experience and would recommend it to all. And well, for those who love beer, this tournament is not just about chugging pint after pint, it is also about being able to aim well after drinking. Challenging enough? Obviously, remember to drink responsibly and reach home safe.

Event Review - Master The Art Of Beer Pong- BookMyShowThe organizers are also planning something big in Mumbai in the month of October, which is touted to be India’s biggest beer events, so watch this space for more deets.