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Event Review: Mew-Ga – Yoga With Felines

If you are a cat lover and just like every other mom (read: my mom), your mom isn’t very kicked about you adopting one, we have found you a place you wouldn’t want to leave. Head to the Cat Café Studio in Andheri to meet and play with some really cute kitties. It’s one of the first cat cafes in the country and believe us, it’s worth your time. Located in a quiet lane in Versova, this cozy café is every feline lover’s dream come true. What’s more? Since the last one month, the folks at the studio are hosting Mew-Ga, India’s first yoga-with-the-cats workshop. And yes, we were there to check out this paw-some event. Read on to know my purr-fect experience of Mew-Ga

Mew-Ga- Event Review - BookMyShow

Being a morning person, a cat lover and let’s say, an amateur fitness freak, I took this up as a fun thing to do. And I have no regrets whatsoever. The class started right on time and the yoga instructor, Priti Jhavar (trained at the Yoga Institute) was extremely warm to interact with. Once she learned that I was a newbie at yoga, she made sure I was comfortable. The yoga session was held in a spacious room filled with, of course, adorable cats. Mew-Ga- Event Review - BookMyShow The concept of yoga with cats, initiated in the United States and The Cat Café Studio is the first café to introduce this to India. Priti, an ardent animal lover herself, said, “It is known that spending time with pets helps you deal with stress and anxiety. And yoga is about achieving the same.” Well, that made complete sense and once I experienced it, I can say that it definitely was calming and peaceful. Cats twirling around you while you’re doing your Asanas is something you may have never tried, but it’s worth experiencing. 

Mew-Ga- Event Review - BookMyShowSo all we are saying is dust off that yoga mat lying in your living room and head to this cat studio for a fun yoga session with these lovable and cuddly cuties. Book your spot here.

Mew-Ga: Event Review - BookMyShow
P.S. If you feel, all that stretching in the morning was a little too much and you need to get some food, try out their delicious bagels and a cuppa great coffee.