Ramadan Special by The Bohri Kitchen event review

Event Review: Ramadan Special by The Bohri Kitchen

Good food is good food, no matter what the occasion, but when there is a Ramadan Special lunch organized by The Bohri Kitchen, you already know it's going to be so much more – it's going to be a lavish meal. If you haven't heard of The Bohri Kitchen, you're already missing out. Started by Munaf Kapadia, TBK has become famous for their authentic home-cooked Muslim Bohri cuisine cooked by Munaf's mother, Nafisa, who has a knack for preparing a variety of dishes, each more delicious than the last. 

The Ramadan Special lunch was held on 28th in Pond Room, a scenic banquet hall overlooking a pond with twittering birds. Seated at tables of six, the place was buzzing with eager foodies who had come with friends and families. Each course began with Munaf announcing the dishes and an interesting factoid, making sure your brain was as well-fed as your stomach. 

The courses alternated between Kharaas and Meethas – a savory and a sweet dish to cleanse your palate. The appetizers were to die for, and it was hard to not keep going for seconds. The Russian cutlet, the mutton samosas, which happen to be one of their most popular dishes, were crunchy and flavorful. My personal favorite was the Shahi roll with minced chicken and cheese which almost melted in the mouth. Although it seems unusual to have something sweet in the middle of the meal, the mango phirni did feel like a welcome break from spices of the starters. 

Ramadan Special by The Bohri Kitchen event review - BookMyShow

It's only now that we began with the jaman – the main course. With three dishes still to come, a careful rationing of portions was in order. First was the slow-cooked mutton khichda. Next came the legendary raan, which couldn't have been finished if not for a gutsy table of eaters. The last main dish was the chicken dum biryani, which had equally good potatoes to match the meat, which is a rare thing. 

Ramadan Special by The Bohri Kitchen event review - BookMyShow

The final dessert was pure perfection. Homemade saancha ice cream with bits of almond had just the right amount of sweetness and definitely worth having twice. Also accompanying it was meetha paan that was sure to pass the muster of any paan enthusiast. 

Ramadan Special by The Bohri Kitchen event review - BookMyShow

Even with so many people at the event, Munaf made sure to attend to each table. The service was as impeccable as the food. If you're wondering how it compares eating at a restaurant, the difference is definitely the people. It has a much more personal touch that gets lost in the restaurant business. The Bohri Kitchen also hosts guests in their family home, giving a home-dining experience that's beyond anything you can currently experience in Mumbai. 

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