Love makes the world go round. But you need money to buy the ticket for the ride. “Everything is to be got with money,” wrote Jane Austen, which rings perfectly true for this play. L’Avare, written by French playwright Moliere in the 17th century, portrayed the classic conflict between love and money. Directed by Varun Kapoor, the play is currently staging at venues across Delhi.


L’Avare (meaning miser) here refers to Harpagon who loves his money more than anything else in the world. Now a widower, he lives with his son called Cleante and a daughter named Elise. The play opens with Elise and her lover Valere talking about getting married. Cleante, too, is in love with Mariane. Both are about to broach the subject when their father announces that he is going to marry a young woman and that woman turns out to be Mariane. Therein begins a story of hilarious events. As Cleante tries to marry Mariane before his father does, Harpagon arranges for Elise’s marriage with an old man who is ready to marry without a dowry. But all hell breaks loose when Harpagon’s money box is stolen.


L’Avare is a classic story with many twists and turns. The director adds his touch to the brilliant play by incorporating the ghost of Harpagon’s wife, who is a silent presence throughout the play, making observations and entertaining to the fullest. A slapstick comedy, the antics of the characters make you laugh to no end. Elaborate face paintings and the inclusion of Bollywood songs and dance numbers make the play a wholesome entertainer.


The play is staged at a noisy venue, thus dampening the experience slightly. The absence of a mic at the same time makes it difficult to catch the dialogues with the added commotion disrupting the fast-paced narrative.


Exploring a classic theme of “love vs money”, the play tells the audience why it is still relevant in today’s day and age while its wit and humor provides ample entertainment. The actors are simply amazing and take you for a fun joyride.