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This Festive Season we’ve got your Chocolate Cravings Covered! – With Jus’Chocolate Tour

Do you ever wonder how your favorite chocolate ganaches and bars are made? If yes, Jus’ Trufs chocolatiers’ chocolate tour is your answer and believe me, it’ll make the baker in you come alive!

The tour started off with a pleasant introduction about the company at their cozy and petite café. The tour lasted for about an hour and a half. The crowd was then taken to their chocolate factory and were given a hands-on experience with chocolate making and decorating. The most fascinating part about the factory was that almost all chocolate making and decorating was handmade and customized to the likeness of the customer.

Jus' Trufs Chocolate - BookMyShowThe tour then continued to the origin story of the famous cocoa beans and how they are harvested in India. The rich history of the cocoa beans and their dietary benefits were explained along with the evolution of chocolates around the world and how each country produces their chocolates. The audience got to participate in making some chocolate ganache and chocolate rocks, and decorate some chocolate bars. It was certainly fun. We also got to take our masterpieces back home and feast on them.
Jus' Trufs Chocolate - BookMyShowThe setting of the entire tour was absolutely relaxed and completely experiential and fun. They provide a variety of customized Diwali sweet boxes. They host a ton of other events like plays and stand-up shows at their venue as well. If you’re looking to have a fun weekend with your family and kids and indulge in some chocolate escapade or if you’re having a dilemma with where you should get your Diwali sweets from, this is the place for you!

Check out Jus’ Trufs chocolatiers for their upcoming events. You can book tickets for the Saturday tour here and for the weekday tour here.

 – By Nikita Fernandes