Homo Sapiens, with their vast knowledge, have the tendency to always look towards the future. We have countless books and movies which show us how the future would be when humanity as we know it will be coming to an end. We have thought about how aliens would find us and how humanity will prevail over every challenge put before them. But what if you see a future where the humanity has met their end and it is up to the species who have found us to figure out what went wrong. Sounds bleak, doesn’t it? But it isn’t so when you see what the Ethiros Theatre Group has to offer to us in Future Tense(d).

Future Tense(d) - BookMyShow

Yes, the very last human is dead and three aliens have come to Earth to figure out where humanity went wrong. Two scientists and a compounder take upon this Herculean task by dissecting the last human. Out comes the personifications of love, lust, laziness, expectations, disappointment, jealousy, and anger. Each is questioned by the scientists and each blames the other for the reason behind the end of humanity. But who is the real culprit? You’ll have to watch the play and find out.

It might seem like a grim topic but there isn’t a single moment where you will not be smiling because of all the antics on the stage. Reynold D’sa (also writer), Nishil Kamalan (also director), and Roshan Shetty as the scientists are as alien as aliens can get. But since they have landed in Mumbai, they are seriously infected with the Bollywood bug as they might break into a song with a certain Mr. Action Jackson who breaks into a popular Bollywood dialogue everytime someone shouts ‘Action’. You also have the emotions who each have an intro moment where they let everyone know how great they have been for the humanity. Each character has their unique trait and quirk and no one is complete without a touch of Bollywood. It might seem that even longer than humanity, the effect of Bollywood lies.

Future Tense(d) might seem a very abstract piece but it has its heart in the right place. The cast performs really well together and special mention to Akshay Sharma who sang all the songs live. 

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