Ghalib once said “Dilli ke alawa aur kahin doosra janam nahi loonga. So Dr. Sayeed Alam brought Ghalib back to his favorite city – Delhi. But the twist is that this time Ghalib will live in 21 st century. The play brought by Pierrot’s Troupe was staged at Canvas Laugh Club, Sector 18, Noida.


Dr. Sayeed Alam brings back the loved poet back to the city he loved the most. Ghalib is reborn in the present-day Delhi to experience the desired fame so elusive to him during his lifetime. The journey of this rebirth takes him to many places – to a bus stop, to the servant quarters where he shares a room with a university student from Patna, and he finally experiences brands endorsing the Page 3 lifestyle. The hilarity of the situations lies in the changes that this city has gone through and how Ghalib interacts with them. The main story plays out with his roommate, Jai Hind, and the landlady, Mrs. Chaddha. Jai Hind speaks a Bihari dialect and broken English and Mrs. Chaddha is quintessential Punjabi lady who listens to Jagjit Singh’s songs. Dr. Sayeed Alam has brilliantly shown the ever-changing socio-political mood of Delhi by bringing in three different languages together. The satirical play has many different acts starting with the bus stop and ending with Ghalib’s high-end apartment, many ads, and phone in hand.


Dr. Sayeed Alam’s acting as Ghalib, Ghalib’s evergreen poetry, and the social satire creates magic on stage and keeps the audience spellbound. Lovers of the Urdu language would thoroughly enjoy the dealings of the beloved poet with English as he tries to adapt to the modern Delhi.


The play works just the way it is. The events take place in an alternate universe where Ghalib revisits Delhi. Delhi has changed and so has Ghalib. Ghalib tries to learn English words and has a changed perception by the end of the play. Watch this play with an open mind and appreciate the way imagination works. You won’t be disappointed.


If you are an Urdu-poetry lover, watch Ghalib in New Delhi for his famed poetry. See it for the magic that is weaved by the wonderful portrayal of Ghalib by Dr. Sayeed Alam. Written and directed by Dr. Alam, the play is a literary delight with just the right amount of satire and humor