The Glass Menagerie

The Cast Is The Real Hero of The Glass Menagerie

From the writer of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof comes another play called The Glass Menagerie. Written in 1944 by Tennessee Williams, the play has been adapted countless times on stage and as well as in a movie. It plays out as a memory of the narrator and is said to be a semi-autobiographical account of Williams' own life. Recently, it was adapted by Rage Productions in a play directed by Rajit Kapur. We got a chance to watch a performance recently at Prithvi Theatre with some of the best actors you would like to see on stage. 

The Glass Menagerie

What's The Glass Menagerie About:

The narrator (Jim Sarbh), accompanied by a violinist (Ursula Pereira), walk on stage. As the narrator talks about the play and the characters, the violinist softly plays a melancholic tune while the narrator takes us back in time to his own home. We meet his sister, Laura (Ira Dubey), who limps and his mother, Amanda (Shernaz Patel), who only lives in the good old days. Tom, the son of Amanda and the narrator of the play, works at the docks to provide a livelihood for his family. But what he actually seeks is an adventure, and every evening, he goes in search of it at the movies or at the bars. Laura is a timid girl, older than Tom, but prefers to spend all her free time with her little animal glass figurines. Amanda wishes for Laura to settle down and assigns Tom the responsibility of finding and inviting a suitor for Laura. Tom manages to find someone and as the suitor called James (Neil Bhoopalam) arrives, everything in the house changes.

What Works:

Rage Productions never disappoints with its performances. Jim Sarbh as the narrator and Tom expresses the dilemma of the character well. Even Ira Dubey shines as Laura and we could not find any fault with Shernaz Patel as Amanda. The story speaks to everyone who feels trapped by their own demons. As Tom reiterates, the incidents we witness are colored by his view and may not be the true representation of everything that happens. The live violin hits all the right notes at all the right moments, adding to your experience of the play.

What Could've Been Better:

While the show was an enjoyable experience, the duration of the show could be reduced. 

Why You Should Watch:

The play, although more than half a century old, talks about issues that are still relevant. It touches upon the subject of duty to one's family. It also makes you see that thin line between a memory and the actual past. To watch this play, you can get your tickets here.

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