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Go Back For Murder is a Classic Whodunnit With Killer Performances

The Indian adaptation of Agatha Christie's Go Back For Murder is as riveting as its title. Presented by Making Noise, the play is about a woman who discovers that her father was killed 16 years ago and her mother was convicted of the crime. 

What's Go Back For Murder About: 

Chloe (Laura Mishra) receives a letter from her mother when she comes of age that tells her about what had actually happened 16 years ago that led to Chloe living with her uncle and aunt. Her father was a renowned artist, Nikel Miranda (Tanmay Ranjan), who was killed by poison. At the time, Nikel and his wife, Vivian, were having problems as he had brought his mistress, Elsa (Prerna Talwar), into their house to paint her. When he died, suspicion fell on Chloe's mother, Vivian, and she was convicted of murder and sent to prison. But in the letter to her daughter, she confesses that she was not the one to kill Nikel. 

This sends Chloe on a journey to find the truth even though her fiance, Michael (Abhishek Chakrobarty), is not bothered by the revelation. She seeks the help of the solicitor Filip Calisto (Navin Talreja) and his assistant, Mr. Parikar (Manav Chauhan) to uncover what really happened. She brings together everyone who was in the house on the day of the murder – Rafiq Harihar (Mustafa Lightwalla) and his younger brother, Imran Harihar (Yash Oberoi), Vivian's half-brother, Pedru (Sonu Anand), Pedru's governess, Ms. Chacko (Pooja Nair), along with Elsa – to prove her mother's innocence. 

Go Back for Murder Making Noise review - BookMyShow Blog

What Works: 

One of the highlights of Go Back For Murder is the ensemble cast. Laura Mishra, who has directed and plays Chloe, shows an impressive range of emotions. Navin Talreja also brings his best as a solicitor as. All of the actors deliver brilliantly and make an impression on the audience even if they are only there for a few minutes. 

The plot itself is on par with what you expect from Agatha Christie. The adaptation manages to place the events of the tale perfectly in Goa, making it more relatable to the Indian audience. Even though the murder happened years ago, the suspense seems real. It's only in the climax that the truth comes to light, and whether Chloe is right or wrong in believing her mother is something you'll have to watch and find out. 

Lastly, the music was as much a part of the set as the props. The melodies not only set the mood for the scenes but also gave us something to listen to over and over again. 

What Could've Been Better: 

The play might be a little long for irregular or fresh theatre-goers at about two hours, but every moment of Go Back For Murder is gripping as you never know what facts may come to light next. Every moment that you spend with the characters gives you something new to form your opinions about who the murderer might be. 

Why You Should Watch: 

If you're a fan of murder mysteries, this one is worth the watch. Go Back For Murder features great performances, a solid script, and it's gripping till the very end. This is one whodunnit that you might even want to go back and watch again.

Upcoming shows:
27th May – Mumbai.