A Good Dose of Laughter by the Karl Marx of Kalbadevi

Who hasn't heard of the world's greatest philosopher, economist, political theorist, sociologist, journalist and revolutionary socialist? Karl Marx brought about a revolution in the world with his ideologies and economic thinking. 

Surprisingly, Mumbai has its own Karl Marx too. Isn't that really great? We are talking, of course, about the comedy play, Karl Marx in Kalbadevi. Directed by Manoy Shah, the play is a combination of comedy and drama. Theatre performances are not very easy and it takes really good talent to be a great performer. Satchit Puranik, the Karl Marx of Mumbai, is one such actor, who with his humor and acting skills, has won the hearts of many who came to watch him perform. 

This play is about Karl Marx who has arrived in Kalbadevi and amidst of the city's hustle and bustle, he is trying to put forth an important message to the people around. Puranik playing Karl Marx is eagerly waiting for an opportunity to grab the attention of the people who are so busy with their daily schedule that they don't even have a few minutes to spare for this great philosopher. 

The play portrays the busy lives of the people in Mumbai; people who do not have the time to listen to one another. Karl Marx is here to see if people can spare a little time from their busy schedule and listen to his lectures on economics, politics or philosophy. After going through a lot of rejection and facing a number of rude people in his endeavor, he finally gets a chance to speak to a few eager folks. Through a series of comical mix-ups and some good humor, he shares a few stories about his family, friends and of course his economic theories. The venue for this play was Harkat Studios – a good pick, ideal for the setting as well as the acoustics.

If you're in search of some good laughter and brilliant performance, Karl Marx in Kalbadevi is the play to go for. A brilliant script along with great direction and a superb performance by the artist makes this a must-watch. You can book your tickets for the next performance here.

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