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Marathi Adaptation of Hamlet is a Masterpiece!

Shakespearean plays have been adapted deftly by many Indian playwrights and distinguished theatre groups. The richness of the complexity of the plots makes way for richer writing and a wide scope for fantastic performances. This Marathi adaptation of the famous tragedy Hamlet has been produced by Zee Marathi and presented by the very popular Ashtavinayak and Jigisha also scores a perfect 10. The play has been helmed by the uber talented and National Award winning director Chandrakant Kulkarni. His previous ventures include the long-running plays like Wada Chirebandi, Dhyanimani, Gandhi Virudh Gandhi and popular, award-winning movies like Bindhaast (1999), Aajcha Divas Majha (2013), Family Katta (2016) and many more.

What’s Hamlet About:

Hamlet is a story of lust for power, betrayal, and revenge. Hamlet (Sumeet Raghavan), the son of the king of Denmark, mourns for the death of his father, while his father’s brother, Claudius (Tushar Dalvi), assumes the throne after marrying his recently widowed mother, Queen Gertrude (Mugdha Godbole). The security staff starts seeing the apparition of the dead king, who wants his death avenged without harming his wife. Hamlet arranges for a theatre group to perform the exact scene of his father’s death with the alleged murderer murdering the king’s character on stage. Hamlet gets the reaction he was hoping for, thus confirming his beliefs about his father’s death.

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What Works:

When a play features the likes of Chandrakant Kulkarni, Sumeet Raghavan, and Tushar Dalvi, the play speaks for itself. These enviously talented people have perfected the adaptation and not one thing seems out of place. The dialogues are beautifully crafted and in one word – darjedaar! The delivery of the actors is scintillating and is bound to keep the audience engrossed till the very end. Being a Zee Marathi production, the production values such as costumes and appearances of the characters, the sets, and the overall treatment are excellent and classy. While the play is a tragedy, the writing has incorporated a few light-hearted lines aptly, so as to introduce some comic relief, which blend in seamlessly with the plot. The performances are brilliant and awe-inspiring. The music has been done by Rahul Ranade and is haunting, to say the least.

What Could’ve Been Better:

While the dialogues are in Marathi, they are garnished with rich language, which is not your day-to-day conversational, friendly-neighborhood Marathi. Having said that, a Shakespearean adaptation requires a powerful script and dialogues, which has been achieved perfectly by the writers.

Why You Should Watch This Play:

Hamlet by itself is a heart-wrenching tragedy and it has been recreated beautifully on the Marathi stage. If you like quality writing, engaging entertainment, and humbling performances, you are in for a treat this summer. Catch this play while it is being staged this weekend. 

Upcoming Shows:
14th – 16th December – Mumbai