T.P. Kailasam was a playwright and a prominent writer of Kannada literature. His contribution to Kannada literature earned him the title Prahasana Prapitamaha – “the father of humorous plays”. Being born in the late 19th century, his sense of comedy tends to resonate well with people of all ages even now.

K.H. Kala Soudha hosted this event and did a spectacular job as always. The guests were ushered to their seats by the friendly organizers and within no time the theater was packed with an eager and energetic audience who were excited to witness one of Kailasam’s great theatrical works. T. P. Kailasam originally wrote this play which is now directed by Y. V. Gundurao and re-enacted by a cast, which includes Ranganatha Rao. V, B. V. Muralidhar, Suguna Suresh, Uncle Shyam and C. N. Vasudev Murthy.

Without altering much of the original script that was written nearly a 100 years ago, the same story is being re-enacted with a few tweaks to make it suitable for a modern audience. The night starts with a humorous introduction given by Y. V. Gundurao about T. P. Kailasam, where he talks about Kailasam’s life by incorporating Kailasam’s own humor that made the audience laugh and got them ready for the play. The first scene begins with a classic ‘saas-bahu’ squabble about who the “man” of the house is. The mother believes that neither she nor her son has any say in any household matters. The son is a poor man who squirms under the thumb of a domineering wife.

In summary, the play revolves around an ill-fated husband who is sandwiched between his overbearing wife and his nagging mother. In the end, they set their differences aside and settle down.

Home Ruleoo & Kailasam Jhalak is one of Kailasam’s classic short play; it has morals, humor, and poetry, which are the right ingredients for a wholesome act. The transitions are seamless with the continuous involvement of the audience, which made it harmonious to watch and maintained the rhythm of the story. Although the theater was filled with a mature audience, we highly recommend the younger generation to experience his works of art and keep them from fading away into the past. If you are interested in quality Kannada plays, mark your calendar for more upcoming plays by this talented crew.

– Written by Ajay Alford.