Now more so than ever we see a lot of actors leaning towards theatre. Bollywood actors like Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher can often be seen in plays. We also see some TV stars from time to time trying their hand at this intriguing form of art. Anup Soni and Smita Bansal together on screen leave us in awe and we were looking forward to seeing them on stage. Hum Do Hamare Woh was recently performed at Bhaidas to an almost full theatre and had us rolling with laughter through the play. The interference of a third person between a married couple can create problems and this play is about one such incident.

Sameer (Anup Soni) is happily married to Saloni (Smita Bansal) but they have a presence of a third person looming over them. The third person is Komal Baba whose solution to every problem is changing the location of the rooms in the house. The kitchen becomes the bedroom and it goes on and on. In the same complex, they also have a college friend named Deepak who is perpetually drunk. When Sameer was facing some problem in the house, he consulted Komal Baba and the Baba was quick to say that Sameer only had 15 days to live. Sameer upset worries for Saloni and looks for a new husband for her.

Hum Do Hamare Woh is a simple story at heart with an underlying message. The jokes are silly but guaranteed to make you laugh. Prasad Khandekar who has directed the play is amazing as Deepak and shines with some amazing one-liners. We have rarely seen Anup Soni doing light roles but the man can certainly do comedy well. He and Smita Bansal are adorable to watch on screen. Even the drama is very subtle and that keeps a smile on your face throughout the play.

There are certain references to Crime Patrol as well and along with other instances of meta-humor, this play is surely worth a watch. It is playing in Mumbai again and you can book your tickets for it here.

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