IN THE CAT HOUSE- Play review

It is hard to come across a children’s play that doesn’t oscillate between the two extremes of being either moralistic or just plain juvenile. Kids are either portrayed to be the do-gooders or the spawn of Satan, when really, there is so much more to explore. Siddharth Kumar’s play In The Cat House was no exception. in-the-cat-house With the effort made by Le Chaiym Theatre in production and under Sananda Mukhopadhyay’s direction, the play is bestowed with foot-tapping entertainment which was highly enjoyed by the kids. The story is simple and sweet and highly revolves around the value of friendship and sharing. Vikash, played by Abhishek Saha is a lonely boy who finds everyone too stupid to be friends with. Out of the blue, he starts getting nocturnal visits by a purple cat who is anything but ordinary. With a little help from his cat-loving classmate Alvia who does not seem to have a mean bone in her body, he manages to befriend the cat. As soon as he figures out he can communicate with the feline interloper, they embark on their own little journeys every night. The resounding claps and the constant giggles are only signs that the play was thoroughly enjoyed by the kids as they related with little Vikash’s notorious ways. Kashin Shetty’s performance as a silly father to his mischievous little boy is a hoot, especially when he is made to jiggle in a lady’s dress by his son and his scheming partner, the ‘evil’ cat. Cutting out the typical stereotypes and ordinary storyline, Sananda Mukhopadhyay’s direction has kept the tone light and has wisely orchestrated little scenes to popular music. However, with passing times children’s play should be more intelligent and meaningful without resorting to the gimmicky and the obvious ways that we think can get a child involved. –Ekta Shetty