Jai Shri Krishna – A Musical Odyssey to Demystify Lord Krishna

At the beginning of the play, Jai Shri Krishna, viewers were told that after the play, we would invoke Shri Krishna in each one of us. Jai Shri Krishna is more than a musical drama; it is an exploration into the depths of our mythology to bring forth timeless wisdom.





Jai Shri Krishna is a musical drama that depicts the life of Shri Krishna, from his birth at Mathura till his sermon on the battlefield to Arjuna. The play explores various identities of Krishna that have been created in literature and mythology – Yashoda’s nandalala, makhan chor and Govinda to name a few. The play cuts through the identities we have created and shows Krishna for who he is –  a person who did his duty of destroying everything that is not in accord with dharma.




The best and the most unique aspect of Jai Shri Krishna is the two avatars of Krishna – one akin to the idol we’ve seen and read about and the other is a contemporary version. The narrators transport us to the past and the present while gifting us with timeless wisdom to face the future. The use of popular songs and bhajans to tell Lord Krishna’s story is brilliant and was lauded by the audiences. The three lead actors – Nakul Ghanekar , Gayatri Bahutule and Ninad Limaye have done an impeccable job with their expressions and dance moves. The dialogues are poetic and profound.The stage, costumes, light and background music adds a lot to the finesse of the play.




There could have been more props at the first act of the play though the lack of props gave ample opportunities to actors to emote. In the second act, props like throne and chariot were introduced which added to the splendor of the play.




Jai Shri Krishna is a musical drama directed to our consciousness and asks each one of us to focus on our actions. The timeless wisdom of The Bhagwad Gita is beautifully presented, which will leave you thoroughly entertained and enlightened.


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– Written by Varsha Pillai.


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