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Jeeveshu Ahluwalia’s Host to Roast – Bring Burnol Because You’re About To BURN!

Do you ever feel too good about yourself? Life’s going good? Are you on cloud nine? Well, a reality check is a must. And sometimes when everyone is getting one, you should too, and probably laugh your heart out while getting one. Jeeveshu is more than happy to give you one, but just keep Burnol ready because you’re about to get the biggest burn of your life.

Before being hilariously humbled by Jeeveshu, people enjoyed the opening acts which were equally funny. The host of the show was Rajat Chauhan who struggles with saying no to people, hated doing his homework, lost all his childhood crushes to other friends and made mini Khajuraho on society walls with his friends. Next was Vaibhav Arora who left CA to pursue BJMC, eats gutkha for dinner sometimes, and had very amusing life experiences that made his opening act even more interesting. The third act was by Parvinder Singh who joked about the best time of everyone’s life – childhood and the movie Mohra… yes, he keenly observed the song Tip Tip Barsa Paani with his father. His comedy was on fire. All three acts were brilliant and warmed up the crowd for the main man of the evening – Jeeveshu Ahluwalia.

Jeeveshu is not unknown in the comedy circle. His witty and quirky punchlines would have you in splits within a second. But when that wit and savage humor comes with extreme burns and good old insult comedy, you know it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Jeeveshu grilled everyone in his line of vision and beyond. You got a name with no meaning like Devika, get ready to be burned. His spontaneous roast of men wearing dungarees… yes, there was one such gentleman, and engineers resulted in roaring laughter for the next hour or so. His interaction with the crowd was effortless, easy, and fierce. Amazingly enough, people wanted to get roasted. They volunteered, raised hands and gave endless material to him. “Men are dirty species. Men are pigs.” These were the slogans of the evening and he proved this time and again, by roasting married men who dared to come without their wives – such brave men.

He is the ‘Salman Khan of the Fat World’ and rightly so. His charming personality and antics would leave you spellbound and laughing till your sides hurt. Quick and brutal observations on relationships, sex, success, foreign vacations, school, marriage, names with no meanings, etc. made the evening. Basically, people came to get laughed at and it was delivered. It was an evening where none were spared and everybody had the best time. The explosive laughter, the barrage of insults, the best environment, the evening was charged and left everybody humbled and happy.

The large crowd showed up to get roasted to this chill and hip place called Chull: Gurgaon. It was the perfect place to come laugh at your friends while they were seared and grilled by Jeeveshu.

This is Jeeveshu when he is roasting, he is funnier when he is cracking jokes. Just imagine! And if you can’t, just book your tickets to his next live show here.

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