Kingdom of Dreams, with their show Jhumroo, takes you to a dreamland, where they celebrate the legend, Kishore Kumar. A musical treat, this is a real Bollywood spectacle staged at their grand venue, Showshaa Theatre. The place is located far away from the busy and hectic realities of life.


A family entertainer and a musical comedy, Jhumroo celebrates the spirit of Kishore Da with 19 retro Bollywood songs. The story follows a simple boy, Bhola, who lives in Mumbai and works in an ad agency. His true passions, however, are singing and expressing his love to Meena – his coworker. He decides to impress her with his singing but unfortunately, he is a bad singer! This comes as a big blow to Bhola, who idolizes Kishore Da. In its true Bollywood spirit, the musical ends with Bhola on the finale of a singing show and how his worship of Kishore Da helps him through the competition. The scintillating tale makes you hope and believe in happy endings.

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Staying true to the spirit of Bollywood, the show is larger than life. The songs, choreography, props, aerial system, and mind-blowing sets bring out another level of entertainment. The tribute paid to Kishore Da is certain to make you nostalgic for the era gone by. The actors and dance crew constantly engage with the audience, putting up a brilliant performance.


If you like sweet romances and are a huge fan of Bollywood, watch Jhumroo and you won’t be disappointed. But if you are not into cheesy Bollywood movies, this one might not be for you.  


Go for the love of Kishore Da, the larger-than-life dance performances, aerial set-ups and astonishing technology. The musical is bound to make you feel as if you are actually on a movie set. You feel a part of the glamor and sparkling movie life. It is an entertainer in the true sense. Watch it to relive the old charm.

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— Vishakha Bhagia