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Kanan Gill Is Keeping It Really Funny In His New And Up-Coming Stand-Up

Comedy is the need of the hour. In the stressful lives and the polluted environment, laughing is the only way to add 10 minutes to your life. People have realized this and are putting on hilarious stand-up acts all over the country. One such person is Kanan Gill and he is very good at what he does – looking good. We went to one of his shows to check if he is actually as good looking as he looks on screen and if he is that funny. Our verdict: he is.

The Act:

There were a total of four acts this evening and to my surprise, each one of them was really funny. The show was hosted by Christopher Baretto who is an arts student at St. Xavier's college and bullies the NMIMS MBA students. Out of the three opening acts, the first one was Rahul Dua, who believes in giving life lessons, eating nachos while people talk about news and politics, and hails from Delhi. Next was Aamer Peeran, a Saudi-import to India, who likes to look at India and Pakistan as friendly countries. And the final opening act by Gaurav Kapoor was all about passwords and why (the hell) your Zomato account needs one.

This was one of the very few shows where you didn't want the opening acts to end, even though the MVP there was Kanan Gill. A great start to the show speaks a lot about the organizers, who know the difference between good content and errmm…okay content. All of it was well chosen, indeed.

Enter Kanan, with a huge round of applauds, woots, screams, cameras clicking, hearts being thrown at his feet, girls fainting, etc. Kanan Gill is one comedian who has a unique (say humongous) female following because he excels in all the three very necessary departments required in a man, as described by the legendary K3G character – Poo. Adding to those qualities is his humor. He is extremely funny and not just in edited videos but for real.

Kanan is known for his punchlines and Pretentious Movie Reviews. He has been on the scene for 6+ years (that will be 6+0 years) and the experience shows in his work. He can make fun of a stadium, a dog, landlines and almost anything thrown at him. He once said that content is king and his material shows that he believes in the same. His videos are like a diluted, watered-down version of his comedy. To know the real thing, you got to watch him perform live.

The Venue:

All of it happened in a cute studio – The Square – which can easily accommodate more than 50 people comfortably. But because it was Kanan performing, it could accommodate around 100 people, almost comfortably. The venue is located in the Hiranandani Gardens, Powai and is open for workshop, gigs, classes, and stand-ups obviously. It is inside Heera Panna Mall on the first floor and since it is a studio there's no food and beverage counter inside. We would recommend that you grab some snacks before the show starts so you can enjoy the show with a full stomach.

The show was organized by The Brown Bread Collective. Their focus has always been promoting new talent and art like stand-up comedy, improv, poetry, storytelling and magic. The content of this show made it clear that they organize amazing stuff. They also have many shows lined up in the new future including Abhishek Upmanyu's Thoda Saaf Bol and Karunesh Talwar Live. You can check their line-up on their Facebook page and book your tickets here on BookMyShow.com.

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Upcoming shows:
29th March – Mumbai.