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Karan Singh Magic – The Man That Reads Your Mind

If you're one of those who assumes that magic is just for children's birthday parties, Karan Singh Magic is here to change your perception. It's not just his silly tricks that can fool any school kid, but some genuinely mind-blowing feats that will have you questioning reality. 

Born in Mumbai, but brought up in Delhi, Karan has had a passion for magic since he was eleven years old. He cites his inspiration as the British magician, Derren Brown. He has even been on the renowned magic reality show, Penn and Teller: Fool Us!, where he managed to fool Penn, but couldn't get past Teller.  He has performed internationally and is now touring his home country. So here's your chance to catch this new brand of modern magic live.

Karan Singh Magic Legilimens Review - BookMyShow

Last Saturday, he debuted his brand new show – Legilimens – at Brewbot in Andheri. Potterheads will know that the show's name comes from a spell from the famous Harry Potter series. A wizard who casts the spell is able to read minds. But this show is not for Harry Potter fans, although they are bound to love the magic. You walk in with a dose of skepticism, but by the end of the night, you'll be entirely convinced of Karan's skills as a magician. 

Without giving any part of the act away, Karan Singh Magic: Legilimens is a show that involves minimal props. These props are mostly given to audience members, for various acts that are performed with or on them. There is plenty of mind-reading, the quintessential card trick (with a twist), and even hypnosis. But the less you know or expect about the show, the more awed you are going to be. After all, magic is best appreciated when paired with a surprise. 

Karan Singh Magic Legilimens Review - BookMyShow

In the end, this isn't just a mere magic show. It is a performance art that showcases skill with a thought-out narrative. Peppered with personal stories and jokes, the show is a complete package of entertainment that you don't want to miss. 

Delhiites can catch the next edition of Karan Singh Magic: Legilimens in the city on the 21st of July. Book your tickets here.