If you’re not new to the realm of the Tamil film industry, you will not need any introduction to Karthik Kumar (a.k.a. KK)! From all the news surrounding him in the past year to his retirement from the film industry, this hilarious "70’s kid" hashes out every bit in this stand-up special which is very aptly named as Blood Chutney, resonating to his blood turned to chutney. An incredibly funny man, Karthik Kumar is one of the founders of Evam, a theatre company which has been successfully putting up shows for the past decade.
Blood ChutneyQuoting KK "What was my blood will flow like chutney – main course comedy, side dish blood”, he uses all his life’s ups and downs and carefully curates them into hilarious jokes making even the most awkward instances into the funniest ones. He successfully manages to take every possible embarrassing thing that has ever happened to him and make you laugh till your jaws hurt.
This stand-up show is his third show after his two successful shows- #PokeMe and Second Decoction. Although he says that ‘it took a Blood Chutney to realize how good Second Decoction was’, don’t take his word for it as both shows are absolutely funny. His topics ranged from Amma’s death and the current political situation in Tamil Nadu to Computers to Pornography.  He took on extremely hard hitting and sensitive topics and delivered them ever so light-heartedly. He even managed to talk about vulnerable and dear topics close to his heart and tried making the audience feel comfortable about the same. He spoke about fear and shame and how our society conditions us to decide that, that is the only way to get things done from and by people and how it is discouraging to everyone who encounters this in their lives. He closed the show with the message- “Teach your kids courage and not shame” which the audience applauded to and was wonderful ending to the show.
Karthik Kumar will be touring Blood Chutney in Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong and one more show in Bangalore at the MLR convention centre during the year and we couldn’t be happier for you to catch one of these many shows during the year for some meaningful laughter riot!

Upcoming shows:

15th April – Gurgaon
18th April – Mumbai
22nd April – Hyderabad.

– Written by Nikita Fernandes.