Khidki: Play Review

So we all have those days where you’re really looking forward to something that will brighten up your otherwise dull and uneventful day.

Plays fill in perfectly to make all dull things bright. Plays are good.

Khidki was performed as a part of NCPA’s Centrestage 2013 fest. The various tiny artifacts at display throughout the play, the play of shadow and light, the minimalistic set-design and the soothing music were very impressive, and rather made this the play an easy watch. It soothed my city-bred, ‘jammed and loaded with too much information and knowledge’ mind a break that it needed.

Watching Khidki was a very soothing experience, especially when the characters in the play kept mum. Every time the characters spoke they made the otherwise soothing experience, unbearable.

Speaking from an audience’s perspective. Khidki was probably too plain for anyone’s taste. It lacked a gripping storyline and plot. Even the dialogues were boring, and so were the monologues. The play seemed too ordinary and incomplete.

The play has been written by Siddharth Kumar and directed by Sananda Mukhopadhyaya. Shweta Tripathi (who has starred in several advertisements of Mirinda, Pepsi, Tata Sky, McDonalds, Vodafone etc.) and Dipna Dariyanani are the two main and only characters of the play. The play is inspired by the urban landscape photography of Gabriele Basilico. From what I saw, Khidki was the story of two girls. One good and the other bad. (good and bad from the conventional norms set by the Indian society). The play was about their fall-out and reunion.

Genuinely looking forward to watching better plays at NCPA’s Centrestage, after this disappointment.

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