Kissago Presents The Park Delves Into The Life of a Common Man

The Park is a Hindi comedy play written by Manav Kaul and directed by Subhash Gupta. Featuring Jay Jha, Abhijeet Deshpande, Suresh Kumar and Shailja Chaturvedi in lead roles, this comic play will surely leave you with a wonderful experience. Not just comical, The Park also delves into the lives of every common man on what they want to be and will also bring back childhood memories where one used to put handkerchiefs to book their seat at any place.

The play opens up with the setting of a park and three benches placed beside each other. The character Uday played by Abhijeet Deshpande is in love with a doctor named Iti who is played by Shailja Chaturvedi. Every man has a problem but Uday’s problem is a bit different. Unable to convince Iti, he sits right there, by himself. In the meanwhile, another character played by Jay Jha comes to the park and takes over the seat where Uday sits in a hilarious manner. Jay basically wants to sleep and wishes to occupy the part of the seat with no sunshine and he successfully does it.

Vexed up, Uday ends up taking the other seat when the third character played by Suresh Kumar is introduced. Suresh is an English teacher who falls in love with a math teacher and wants to have the seat that Uday is in as he wants to see his lover which is possible only from the bench where Uday is seated. How Suresh plunges Uday’s seat, and the confrontation between Jay, Uday and Suresh, is told in the most hilarious way. There is also a child character played by Rohit Chowhan who is stuck in the 5th grade for several years and is afraid of exams.

In a nutshell, The Park is a wonderful play that has an underlining message added with loads of laughter and emotions. The background score and the lightning enhance the story and take it to the next level. Jay, as the man who wants to sleep, is extremely hilarious and has given a top-notch performance. The same applies for Abhijeet and Suresh as well. These three characters form the core of The Park and can be seen almost throughout the play.

Rohit gave a riveting performance as a fearful student and Shailja Chaturvedi fit into the role of the doctor seamlessly. Overall, The Park is a wonderful Hindi Play that is a must watch. Once you are into the play, you will be taken to an altogether different world for one hour and is worth every penny you spent on the ticket. The cast and crew must take a bow and we hope to see more from you.


– Ajay Mudunuri.

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