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KK Mesmerizes The Crowd At Dublin Square

Remember the anthems Pal and Yaaron, mandatory songs that are sung during every get-together and farewell function? Well, if you were at Phoenix Market City Kurla last weekend, you would have witnessed KK, one of Bollywood’s most versatile and successful singers credited with giving us the above anthems, performing live on stage. The energy and enthusiasm of the rock star at the Mid-Day musical nights Season 3 did not die any point.

Presented by Ruparel Realty, powered by Sai Consultants in the association of LIC India, the event was done for the benefit of the cancer patients. Throughout the 2-hour performance, KK made the audience sing along while also giving out flying kisses to the audience every time they showered their love through a loud applause. He was accompanied on stage by his band members – Kalyan Baruah on guitar, Lindsay Dmello on the drums, JD the bass guitarist and Rinku Rajput on the keyboard. The synergy of all the members resulted in a musical night that will be cherished by all the fans forever.

Apart from mesmerizing the audience with his signature songs Pal and Yaaron, KK’s renditions of his other hits like Aankhon Me Teri, Tu Jo Mila, Abi Abi, Zara Si Dil Mein, Main Hu Don, Tu Hi Meri Shab were equally stunning. One of the best audience reactions came when KK grooved on Tune Mari Entriyan making the audience dance lie crazy. Also, the song Tu Aashiqui from Jhankaar Beats met with a loud applause from the audience. Just before the final act by KK, solo sets by Baruah on guitar and Lindsay on drums enthralled everyone with their wonderful energy.

As the audience swayed holding each other's hands throughout the concert, many were left teary-eyed due to brimming nostalgia. The final performance for the night made everyone in the audience dance to Dil Chahta Hai’s Koi Kahe, a sight to behold. The musical extravaganza thus ended on a marvelous note. KK truly performed like a real pop star thus making us all reminisce the melodious pop music of the 90s. You can book tickets for the next performance here.