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Ladies Compartment: Event Review : A Reflection On Life and The Social Stigma That Binds Us All

An amusing twist to a subject matter that has long taunted our society and the lives of the women in India, Ladies Compartment does a wonderful job in depicting the idiosyncrasies of how womankind are treated in “ modern day “ India.

Directed by Dr. Pooja Pandey, this play revolves around the life of four very distinct women – Tara, Kalyani, Tina and Gita played by Usha Avinash, Kalyani Menon, Lakshmi Ram and Mini Raj. It brings to the table their different stories as they share with each other while they travel in the Delhi metro.

Tara, a housemaid, Kalyani, a corporate woman and Tina, a socialite realize as they share their stories that they have one thing in common and that is how the society perceives them. We are then introduced to Gita Aunty who is a daily commuter and she listens to their stories and comforts them. The play also addresses India’s attitude toward Transgenders as we are introduced to Imran Pasha who played the role with utmost conviction and did a fantastic job. Dr. Pooja Pandey plays the role of a police inspector KawalJeet who lightens the mood by her sense of humour and gets in on the rant with the four ladies in the effort to solve their problems and this common ground soon unites them.

Ladies Compartment - BookMyShow

The play perfectly describes the social constraints women are bound by and the battles women fight playing the role of a mother, wife, caretaker or a successful businesswoman and to become strong and independent.  It also seeks to normalize the Transgender culture in India by showing how they are no different from all of us and how social stigma has currently bought them to rags as they fight for their daily bread.

Ladies Compartment - BookMyShow

The audience was constantly engaged and the environment was not all too serious thanks to the sense of humour of the all the characters. The play also included apt music scores in perfect places which bought a smile to everyone in the audience. The backstage crew coordinated well in syncing the music and the lighting to maintain the premise of the play.

This fantastic play is definitely worth the watch and it is strongly recommended not to miss it the next time it is performed in your city. Follow Ladies Compartment on for updates about their next performances.

-By Nikita Fernandes

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