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A Laughter Riot by Tamil TV’s Best – Crazy Mohan and Maadhu Balaji

The aptly named production house Crazy Creations hosted one of the most iconic plays to be ever showcased in Bangalore, starring none other than Crazy Mohan – Tamil playwright and movie dialogue writer. Return of Crazy Thieves was definitely a delightful walk down memory lane for everyone who grew up in the eighties.

Crazy Mohan - BookMyShowThis play originally showcased in 1983, hit 150 shows in just 120 days, and made a splendid and absolutely exhilarating comeback after three decades to a full house in the prestigious Bangalore Gayana Samaja. The premise of the play remained unchanged from the original and hence was an absolute pleasure in watching it. 

Crazy Mohan - BookMyShowSetup in the ‘80s, the play revolved around the story of the Maadhu-Cheenu combination that the fans absolutely adore. In Maadhu’s strictly “Tam-Brahm” family, the hunt for a bride goes awry, when his Christian girlfriend, Stella Janaki, eventually comes to light. The story goes on to show the leaps and bounds the couple go through to get married. In the days leading up to their wedding, they encounter amusingly eccentric situations among their respective families and wind up in the middle of a heist-gone- wrong. The wacky turnout of the marriage is absolutely hilarious and floored the audience. Crazy Mohan plays the whimsical uncle and his entry on stage leads to an enormous applause from the audience.

Crazy Mohan - BookMyShowPerformances by Crazy Mohan, Maadhu Balaji, and their team is stellar and the audience is seen laughing throughout the show. Even the humour is enjoyed by all as it is not directed to a particular age group. There are countless scenes that are priceless to watch and the script is wonderfully writ and witty.

If you are planning for a fun weekend with your entire family, we strongly suggest you catch this play the next time it is staged in your city.

– By Nikita Fernandes

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