Presented by a new theatre group, Rangdoot, Love Story Nahi Hai is a Hindi play written and directed by Prasanna Soni. It has a fresh take on a love story that is sure to be unlike any you've seen before. 

What's Love Story Nahi Hai About:

Love Story Nahi Hai is a unique take on love stories. It has a love story of two rivers – Soan and Narmada – that parallels a modern love story of a modern young couple – Sonu and Reva. The reason why these love stories aren't actually love stories is that they lead to violence and death. With this intriguing premise, the play also takes on themes of honor killings, politics, and greed that shows the effect of corruption on pure love. 

What Works:

The central issue of honor killing is elevated by presenting a parallel between the mythological love story of two rivers who have eloped to live out a happy life and the realistic love story of a couple who have run away together because their parents would disapprove of the other's caste. Shilpi Kukreti, who plays Narmada's friend Juhila, plays her conflicted character well. Ayush Tiwari and Bharti Sharma Soni, who play both the versions of the lead couple, do a commendable job of transforming their characters to fit the different eras. They start off speaking in fluent and shudh Hindi that seems straight out of the epics and switch to a modern speak with ease. 

The serious topic is also presented with a good dose of humor that comes from the dance of the chorus (Khushi Rajpoot, Vipul Deshpande, Sumit Shirigiri, and Ravi Saxena) and news interviews that parody what you would see on television today.The anchor of N-TV (Prasanna Soni, who plays Narayan in another scene) holds a conversation with Reva's father, Shankarlal (Kundan Roy, who also plays Shankar) and Sonu's father, Brahmanand (Sunil Upadhyay, who also plays Bhrama). The two fathers who lead rival political parties are quick to get into entertaining fights while the anchor even adds fuel to the fire at times. 

What Could Have Been Better:

The Hindi that's used in the mythological scenes fits well, but it might be a little hard to understand for some. This isn't a big drawback as it's easy to follow what's happening so you don't miss out on the story. 

Why You Should Watch: 

With a little over an hour, Love Story Nahi Hai is an entertaining story with just the right mix of messages that make it worth the watch. The entire cast is fun to watch and you will also get to see some music and dance to make it the complete package. 

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