When the series ‘Suits’ launched in 2011, everyone was in awe of the character of Harvey Specter. He was the cool lawyer everybody wanted to be. But not every lawyer is cool and handsome. One such lawyer’s life is so tragic that it leaves you in splits. Man Disposes, God Proposes is a play is directed by Saleem Shah, who plays this fumbling lawyer. It was staged at Alliance Francaise in Lodhi Estate, New Delhi.

What’s Man Disposes, God Proposes About:

The play is an Indian adaptation of John Mortimer’s ‘The Dock Brief’, which shows an incompetent lawyer fighting a case of a butcher who killed his wife. Shah plays the lawyer Kamal Kant Tripathi, who is fighting Himaqat Qureshi’s case. Therein begins the hilarious situation where Kamal Kant is appointed by chance to Himaqat and both start on an amusing journey to build their defense. Kamal Kant is desperate to win the case and dreams of giving a larger-than-life speech but hilariously fails. Comedy ensues wherein Himaqat is acquitted on the basis of poor defense. The courtroom drama ends with the unlikeliest of people becoming friends.

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What Works:

The play is a two-man show. Both the actors – Saleem Shah in the role of Kamal Kant Tripathi and Rishabh Verma in the role of Himaqat Qureshi – were brilliant and the chemistry between the lawyer and client was fabulously represented. As always, Shah won the attention of the audience and charmed them with his funny lawyer antics. The play is well written with subtle humor and an overall delight. 

What Could’ve Been Better:

Saleem Shah plays the tragic lawyer with unfortunate luck and zero success-rate. The wit and humor is subtle. It is also a critique on government lawyers who are mostly lazy and incompetent. Thus, one has to be well aware of the inadequacies of the system to enjoy the satire

Why You Should Watch:

It is a delightful play with the wonderful Salaam Shah, who steals the show. Entertaining throughout, it will certainly leave you chuckling till the end. Don’t miss it the next time it is staged in your city.

— Vishakha Bhagia.