Manish Tyagi’s Jokes are only for the Really Naughty Ones

Manish Tyagi is a perfect example of the phrase – looks can be deceptive. An engineer, who is also an ex-Navy commander, Manish Tyagi would have been every mother’s choice for her daughter…if he was in his 30s, that is. This handsome comedian started his stand-up career later in life when a lot of other people think about post-retirement benefits. Manish Tyagi, with his stern look, is more like a serious comedian and that just adds to the beauty of his jokes.

Last night, Manish Tyagi performed at a restaurant called Kaama in Kamala Mills, Lower Parel. Though the event did not see a packed venue, the audience’s laughter soon filled the room. Unlike many other famous comedians, Manish did not make his audience wait but was seen in fact an hour before the show time. Now that’s what the Navy discipline does to you. Before the event started, Manish, as humble a man as he is, spoke to the assembled audiences one by one thus making everyone comfortable.

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After a brief stand-up comedy by a budding comedian Aditya Singh who bashed Lodhas and their Palava Project, the man himself took the stage. In the one and a half hour of comedy, Manish cracked adult jokes and spoke about every facet of his life right from his hookups, marriage, Navy secrets, relatives, Ranchi, his school days to the current dilemma that he faces because of his mother, the latter which the comedian just loved talking about. 

So if the next time you get a chance to catch this Knotty Commander’s performance live, we suggest don’t miss it. A lot of good punchlines coupled with a regional flavor and good looks, of course, are some of the things you can expect. Read more about stand-up events and comedians in your city.

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