Stand-up comedy has grown in popularity in India in the past few years, but what might still seem like an unconventional entertainment option in India is actually a celebrated scene in many countries across the world. Although there are many talented local comedians you can see in your city, it's not every day that international comedians head down to Indian cities to perform.  

Australia's Melbourne International Comedy Festival is the third largest comedy festival in the world and with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow presented by Comedy Wagon, India got to see three of the best and freshest comedians from MICF. In Mumbai, they performed at The Habitat on December 2, with two shows in one evening. 

The first show was hosted by Azeem Banatwala who warmed the audience up with some effortless banter that heralded a great start to a great night. The second show was hosted by the ever hilarious, Aditi Mittal, who even gave some comedy show first-timers some tips and kept the energy high all through the show. Before we got to see the three Australian comedians, we were also treated to a local comedy talent – Sonali Thakker (who also happens to have a solo special this Wednesday, Almost There). The three international comedians were Sam Taunton, David Quirk, and Nikki Briton

The first Aussie comedian of the night was Sam Taunton. He's the rising star of Australian comedy who's performed in cities across Australia and Asia. He was nominated for the ‘Best Newcomer’ at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. His personal stories were delivered with a casual conversational style that was instantly charming. 

Next up was David Quirk. David Quirk has been making people laugh for more than a decade so when he introduces himself as a very good comedian, it's not just a cheeky biographical line that gets laughs from the audience but also a fact. Whether it's some dark humor or some anecdotes, he had the crowd in an uproarious laughter through his act. 

The night ended with a performance by Nikki Briton. Her warm personality and extremely relatable jokes were an absolute delight. With her open manner and a style that's no-holds-barred in the best way, her humor had the audience laughing about situations that perhaps nobody else could have made funny in the way that she did. 

The three Australian comedians were simply hilarious even though they were performing for a whole different audience in another country on another continent. Now, that's a talent that truly crosses borders.