In the era of female-oriented stories hogging the cinemas and theatre, Men’s Department is a play brought by Bengaluru’s Being Productions. Scripted and directed by Dr. Pooja Pandey Tripathi, it is inspired by real-life stories with an absolute eye-opener to the problems that men face in their daily lives. Being Productions is an idea shaped by a bunch of witty and thoughtful theatre enthusiasts who are on a roll with back-to-back impactful performances.

What’s Men’s Department About:

The play revolves around a group of school friends who meet at a reunion after many years. Having got together after a long time, each one begins sharing their experiences. Nav is a married man who feels tied down and stuck between his wife and mother-in-law, yearning for some time for himself. James, on the other hand, is a bachelor who has tried and tested many relationships, eventually failing at all of them. We also have Amar who struggles to meet his ends, an aspiring actor Vishal, and a corporate slave Praveen. The group reminisces their childhood memories and reflects on the different problems they face in life.

What Works:

Men’s Department talks about some ground-breaking themes. It discusses the dangers of being an average man in this competitive world and how a man is always under the pressure of meeting the financial and emotional expectations of his family. It also talks about the bachelors who are always under the scrutiny of a judgmental society, how dreamers are termed as losers, and why a married man’s freedom remains curtailed by the strings attached in his marriage. Apart from this, what stands out as an unconventional theme and yet relevant, is the emotional and physical domestic violence faced by some men in society.

Despite the dark and serious themes, Men’s Department beautifully manages to keep the audience laugh every now and then. Amar’s character is extremely hilarious, and with timely and dramatized jokes in his Hyderabadi accent, he totally wins our hearts. There is a cameo appearance of director Pooja Tripathi who delivers an incredible performance. Her Piya Tu Ab Toh Aaja dance number with the remaining actors is an overdose of laughing gas.

The play also incorporates occasional poetry, taking the literary quotient of the play to another level. The poems are deep, meaningful, rhythmic, and beautifully recited.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The play does very little in terms of its visual appeal. The settings and costumes are very minimal and all the responsibility to keep the audience engaged is solely vested in the performance of the actors. The sound is not very impressive either and the play misses out the opportunity of what lights can do in a stage.

Why You Should Watch:

Men’s Department keeps you entertained throughout the length of the play. It is a comedy play that speaks volumes about important social issues with carefully crafted humor. There are funny dance performances, powerful poem recitals, jokes that will hurt your stomach, and a lot of food for thought to take back home.