Mr. Mommy by Suman Kumar Will Not Disappoint You

Mr. Mommy is a solo stand-up comedy show created by Suman Kumar – a former IT-professional who is now a novelist, comedian, and stay-at-home dad. A B.Com graduate himself, he is married to a doctor who has umpteen degrees in her profession and has studied what the entire village together could not have accomplished. Kumar takes us back to his hilarious lifetime incidents through his hour-long stand-up comedy show.

Initially, I was kind of disappointed with the attendees of this show. There were a few and I had mixed feelings if I was at the right place. But all my negative thoughts vanished within a few minutes after the show started. It opened with a guy from Orissa giving a brief introduction and delving into the naval obsession of South Indian movie directors. He also termed himself as the one who dubs Telugu movies into Hindi and gave a hilarious take-off on how badly these movies are titled and dubbed. It was a short stint from him before he pumped up the audience and passed the mike over to the boss of the show – Suman Kumar.

Kumar continued where his predecessor left and reminded everyone of a scene from a Tamil movie where an omelet was prepared in the navel. He then gave an introduction of himself as a native of Tamil Nadu, born and brought up in a small town named Chitoor in Andhra Pradesh. Aged 44 and a hairstyle that closely resembles Tamil actor Ajith who doesn’t dye his hair, Kumar is completely at ease with his comedy timing. Born in a lower-middle-class Brahmin family, he revealed himself as a man who is rational and scientific in thoughts with no confinement to any religion. In fact, he gave a hilarious commentary on religion with humorous dialogues.

Mr. Mommy is a comedy show aimed at people over 18 years of age. It had a good dosage of adult content but within its limits. The references to Swathi Magazine and the way he wrote questions to sexologist Samaram using his friend’s name is hilarious to the core. The episodes of the confrontations with his wife and the Brahmin blood in his veins were also well executed. His naughty facial expressions resembled the legendary Jim Carrey.

Mr. Mommy is overall a well-knit hour-long stand-up comedy show that is hilarious and splendid to the core. I would strongly recommend this as a must-attend show. This comedy stand-up is in the English language with a touch of Telugu and Tamil in his tone as Suman is well versed in both these languages. Mr. Mommy is next heading to conquer the hearts of people residing in Bengaluru. You can book your tickets here. Go watch the show and spread the word. Great talent seeks appreciation from all quarters.

– Written by Ajay Mudunuri.

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