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Natasha Marshall’s Half Breed Has Our Full Attention And Admiration

Anyone who can hold an audience for over an hour deserves their due credit. Natasha Marshall with her show Half Breed has performed all over London and other cities before coming to Mumbai with her semi-autobiographical piece. She uses spoken word poetry along with prose to bring forward a compelling story about a girl who is a half breed in an all-white community and doesn't really know how to handle the jokes directed at them. But this is not just her story, she also talks about her best friend and her boyfriend also mentioning her grandmother in this monologue, which will demand your attention.

The story begins in a small town where Jaz is preparing for an audition that will take her to London. She has to perform Shakespeare but she doesn't really like it that much. Her friend Brogan and her grandmother are always supportive of her. But other than them she doesn't really have any friends. Once she spots Mitchell, who is Brogan's boyfriend, doing something which wasn't right. Brogan and Jaz have their tree as a solace but there are things that don't work out between the besties as well. You need to listen to the whole story because the end might just surprise you.

It is never easy being someone who is on the outside. You never know if someone is making a joke about people like you, whether they are including you in the joke as well. Natasha's monologue about being the butt of some of these jokes and hate crimes, which seem innocent, moves you and makes you think. The monologue has received rave reviews everywhere and somewhere you can agree with her feeling of getting out of that small town where she was considered an outsider. You don't want to miss when it comes to your city and you can book your tickets for the play here.

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