Statutory Warning (picked up during the show):

1) Neelaksh Mathur is very very rich. Dangerously rich.
2) His uncle is very well connected.

So, if you are reading this, you know what to do. If you are brave enough and have not already booked your seats for ALL of his future shows, you might as well spend your time drawing up your will. You know, just in case.

Haha. Jokes aside, one of the youngest in Mumbai’s comedy wagon, Neelaksh stands out because he is strikingly handsome. He is also very fair as he reminded his audience umpteen times during the show. With much difficulty, as you tear your eyes away from the exterior indulgences, you’d realize that this young wonder comes with a confidence that is hopelessly alluring. Thanks to his profession, he was the star and the emcee both for his show. Impromptu and improvisational throughout the 45 minutes of his performance, it was indeed a treat to see him take his performance seriously even in front of a small audience. 

Mr. Mathur is the youngest member of The Comedy Factory, Gujarat. Originally from Rajasthan, he now calls Bangalore his home. Neelaksh spends his time these days talking about his political affiliations and how he dumped IIT. 

With unpredictable Rajasthani-family humor to some foreseeable gags, Neelaksh’s time on stage was anything but drab. His jokes were crisp, well researched and undoubtedly had a youthful connect. From the much-debated topic of arranged marriage to being the ‘son’ of his house, from Modiji to Gandhiji, from sex to lots of sex and from feminism to being laundiyabaaz (read that right please!), Neelaksh’s quirks were assorted and yet didn’t feel pretentious. The diversity was definitely a plus! Additionally, like all sons from affluent families who are in to comedy, Neelaksh had no qualms about lampooning his life as a struggler. Easy though it may sound, it does take a very determined stomach to be able to do that in front of a crowd. Even if that gave him the ‘content’ he needed, it was applause-worthy for sure! 

As all stand-up comics risk it, Neelaksh too might have flirted with some blazing sentiments. However, as comedy nowadays is about pushing social norms and limits, this is expected out of an honest performance and Neelaksh does not disappoint. 

Packing in the right amount of punch and keeping it conversational too, Neelaksh is definitely here to stay. Even from a short show like this one, you can very well conclude that he is capable of holding up a complete laughathon. Armed with very natural oratory skills and brimming with shaggy-dog stories, this millennial is charming, natkhat and most definitely funny. His jokes may not make you LOL literally, but you will defintely leave the venue with a big grin plastered across your face. Stand-up upcoming comedy ka chamakta sitaara hai ye launda

Next, Neelaksh is all set to perform at The Cuckoo Club in Bandra. Tickets will soon be available; in the meanwhile, check out some other interesting shows here.

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-Written by Nikita Mehta

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