The Indian comedy scene is booming with stand-up artists from almost every part of the country. But even this field, like engineering and public urination (a topic she's covered in one of more famous YouTube videos), is dominated by men. Thankfully, we have a few female stand-up comedians like Neeti Palta who are here to balance the equation. 

The show was held at The Habitat, which is one of the most popular live venues in Mumbai right now. The host for the evening, Prashasti Singh warmed up the audience with ease. Even though she held the stage only for a few minutes, she wasn't afraid to talk about topics that many won't even discuss with their close friends and managed to entertain while doing so. 

And then the main act, Neeti Palta came on. Her warm personality off-stage translates into an enthusiastic energy on stage. She's a Punjabi army brat from Delhi but that doesn't mean she can't be relatable. She has even performed at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, so you know her humor really does cross cultures. 

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Her set had jokes that ranged from relatable travel tales to giving insight into the life of a comedian. Her true personal stories were so ridiculous, it proves that reality can be stranger than fiction. She spun stories that were otherwise tragic into funny anecdotes, which had us laughing till we teared up. But truly, the most stand-out part of her act was her self-awareness. Even though stand-up comedians often talk to the audience, Neeti wasn't afraid to comment on the level of laughter when it wasn't as loud as a particular joke deserved it to be. 

In case you haven't seen her live yet, you need to correct that right away. After all, introducing yourself to new experiences is important and when supporting diversity in the comedy scene. So, sit through an hour of jokes that will actually make you laugh out loud. There's really no excuse to miss her next show. Here's a video of her in action: 

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Image Courtesy – Nishant Thawrani for The Habitat.

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