Indians are best known for their love and appreciation for “jugaad”. That is what comedian Nishant Tanwar excels in perfectly. Best known as ‘Joke Singh’, he writes for Times of India and is featured on Comedy Central’s website. His long list of credentials is proof enough of his genius and his jokes make up what he is.


The show on 4th March at Canvas Laugh Club, Noida was hosted by Shivam Lakhanpal, who spoke about falling for every marketing gimmick, be it a pan-masala ad or a song with Baadshah in it. The five-minute opening act warmed us nice and kept it toasty for the blast of an experience with Nishant Tanwar. Nishant has been on the stand-up scene for a while now. So when he shared his experiences of performing abroad, his ‘Indian-ness’ was apparent, which made the audience laugh out loud. Every Indian will relate to jokes. He took digs at every stereotype in and around Delhi. His observations and experiences made everyone laugh, hoot, cheer, and repeat the whole process throughout the show. He was a powerhouse of jokes, energy, and entertainment. The show was a testament to his name, while dedicated to the people who had to leave their homes in Delhi but missed the city dearly. Needless to say, the show was a hit, deserving of the standing ovation at the end.


The show was staged at Canvas Laugh Club, Comedy’s Unofficial National Theatre, Noida. They have previously hosted many great stand-up acts because they truly believe that ‘laughter is the best medicine’. They provide this medicine frequently with good food and drinks.

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– Written by Vishakha Bhagia.

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