Based on the concept of Oscar Wilde’s opera Salome, Noor is a riveting saga of love, lust, and deception. Let’s find out if this Hindustani counterpart delivers the same intense drama and puts us right in the midst of a gripping tragedy like its inspiration.

What’s Noor About:

Noor is set in the time of ages ago when royalty were worshipped as gods and Sufi mystics who opposed them were imprisoned and executed. The King of Persia imprisons one such mystic who continues to spread his message that “God is love” through his melodious Sufi music. Banu Noor, the Queen of Arbastan and the King’s subject of adoration, falls in love with the Sufi Mystic. She is completely driven by lust for him and wants him to accept her love at all costs. But the Sufi, who is a man of God, believes in spiritual love and not the kind of love that Noor pleads him for. He preaches for all to rise above lust and pride to join the Almighty.

Obsessed with her lust for the Sufi, Noor is willing to do anything to possess him. She pleads and begs for him to accept her. But when he continues to reject her advances, her humiliation and anger drive her to take some drastic action. Hurt, rejected, and full of vengeance, she manipulates the King through a dance in return for a favor which changes the course of history.

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What Works:

Writer-director Rashmi Sherma, who also plays the lead role of Banu Noor, does a brilliant job of keeping us spellbound from beginning to end with the plot, the set, as well as the dialogue. The thought-provoking dialogues blend perfectly with the stunning music by Nitin Hivarkar. Actors Rashmi Sharma, Manik Singh Anand, Rohit Chaudhary, Shadaab Khan and others also make the play worthwhile by delivering captivating performances.

The play highlights the intricacies of love and how factors like lust, pride, and jealousy can come in the way. The character of Noor shows us just how far someone can really go when they are driven by love and lust. Rashmi Sharma also adds a little bit of humour to take away from the intensity of some situations.

What Could’ve Been Better:

With some graphic imagery, this tragic drama is not for the faint-hearted. In some parts, the humour seemed a little forced as well.

Why You Should Watch It:

This Hindustani play is equally captivating, thrilling, and entertaining with live Sufi music and some intense drama. Watch this play to find out just how strong the power of love and lust is!

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