Nostalgia Brand Chewing Gum

Why must we go out with people who are completely wrong for us? Why, after the ordeal, must we still pine for them? Because “she’s the one who dumped me” says Adil, a man-child so intellectual, he’s actually stupid. But so is his ex, Natasha, her current shag, Bob and a Greek goddess (because she is actually Greek) Kara who seems to be interested in him.

Nostalgia Brand Chewing Gum is perhaps the most sensible, yet senseless plays of our time. We meet Adil, a very likeable character (so long as you don’t have to be friends with him) who is trying to bail out of a dinner hosted by his ex-girlfriend, Natasha. We also get to meet Natasha, a copy writer who really wants to be a photographer, painfully aware that she’s unhappy, but who isn’t? And why should someone try to reason her into being happy? Then there’s Bob. Hot. Beefy. And is as thick as a pencil when held by a 2-year-old. And of course, there’s Kara, manager of the Greek restaurant down the road.

The thing that’s most appealing about the play is Adil (Tariq Vasudeva) who turns his monologues into dialogues with audience interaction. He’s a lovelorn intellect who can’t take orders and can’t switch off his feelings for the woman he loved for 4 years. Natasha (Diksha Basu), on the other hand, loves him but lusts after Bob’s toned pecks and perfect physique because she has enough intellect for them both. She actually believes, wholly and truly, that she’s giving Adil a free dinner in exchange for letting him know in person that she’s sleeping with his ex-room mate, but knows in her heart of hearts that it’s really because she feels guilty about the whole ordeal.

Nostalgia Brand Chewing Gum is a witty play about morons and oxymorons, that doesn’t take itself too seriously, even though it presents characters that do. Finally, a play that makes you think, squabble and enjoy a ponderous sleepless night in peace. Go Adil!



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