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Paintology has an Awesome Colorful Party in Store for You

 If you are one of those people who absolutely hated art class because of lack of talent, things have changed now. Painting is now considered among the activities which relieve your stress. You don't need to create masterpieces but just the act of getting your hands or clothes dirty has proved to be a great stress buster (for you, not your mom). If the very thought painting brings back unhappy memories from your school, it is time to change that. Recently there have been a series of Painting workshops and parties where everything is provided and you just have to go and have a colorful time.

I attended one such workshop on Saturday at Doolally: Tap Room. Doolally is an almost hidden fun pub. It is a well-lighted restaurant where you can play a variety of board games while you sip on Beer/Mocktails while listening to soft music. As the clock strikes 8 pm on Monday through Thursday you can also be a part of short pub quizzes which will earn you free beers.

Finger Painting - BookMyShowOn Saturday afternoon, the restaurant was quite empty with lines of easels and canvases set up for the party. It was a finger-painting party by Paintology. Our guide of the day was Vinisha Savla who has also founded Paintology. She with her family was all ready to make sure we had a great time. She introduced herself as an Interior designer and who paints for fun. The materials were provided by them and we just had to be present with our fingers. The environment is friendly as everyone has their friends and there are others too who have just put some music on their earphones and enjoying painting on canvases.

Gloves were provided for people who didn't want to get their hands dirty. It did help if you didn't use them (believe me I tried it both ways). For a person who has not produced any drawing which could be called art, this was a fun activity. Paints were provided as you progressed step-by-step and also there was plenty of guidance from Vinisha and her mother both of whom were artists. One thing I really appreciated was that they didn't attempt to make improvements to your artwork but let you experiment. You could even ask for different colors than the ones provided. However, they didn't shy away from teaching you hands-on different kinds of finger painting techniques if you showed any interest.

Finger Painting - BookMyShowAfter about two and a half hours, our hands were a mix of different colors with paint all over the place. Aprons had been provided to protect your clothes but we would not advise you wearing your whites to this party. For the art enthusiasts, this is one more opportunity to practice your passion in peace since you can get your own designs and translate them on canvas too.

Any party is not complete without food and they have got you covered here too with an amazing portion of House Fries on the house with a Mocktail or just a beer as you admire the toils of your hard work. Isn't this the best way to spend your Saturday afternoon? There is an upcoming stone painting party by Paintology coming up that you should not miss and you can find more painting fun right here.

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