Dreamz - Sehar

When Reality And Dreams Interact – Pankaj Kapur’s Dreamz – Sehar

Pankaj Kapur’s play Dreamz – Sehar explores the blurry lines between reality and dream. Sehar is the first part of the series titled Dreamz. Sehar means morning and probably indicates that this is just a beginning – there might be more parts of the series. 

WHAT’S Dreamz – Sehar ABOUT:

Dreamz – Sehar is a story of Prof. Sanjeev Mishra who visits Kasauli for a long weekend. One day on his morning walk, he encounters a very mysterious woman named Sehar. She is out looking for her sister Nisha who has eloped with her boyfriend. Prof. gets drawn towards this very odd character and gets entangled into the tumultuous events wherein Sehar calls him in the middle of the night for help. The sequences mirror dream-like sequences where every scene has an ominous and mysterious quality. The end is just as baffling as the characters. After spending the night together, Sehar leaves the Prof with an equally confusing letter reminding him of a meeting 15 years ago. 


The play’s strongest points are the powerhouses of acting – Pankaj Kapur and Supriya Pathak. The treatment is different from what you may have seen before. The plot keeps you engaged and involved till the end. The story and the surreal characters will stay with you long after the play ends and could be interpreted in several different manners. The setting of the play and the props have been used cleverly to take the story ahead. 


Whether Sehar is as baffling as this play suggests or will Pankaj Kapur sheds more light in the next part of the Dreamz series remains to be seen. 


Sehar seemed like a start of a very interesting journey that is clouded in mystery. It will leave you thinking of your very own dreams where nothing makes sense and yes it still does. Or you could simply watch it for Pankaj Kapur and Supriya Pathak. Their interactions and stage presence is unparalleled and in one word – phenomenal. 

– Vishakha Bhagia.

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