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Play Review: Dramanon Presents The Original Last Wish Baby – A Musical

Directed by R.K. Shenoy, The Original Last Wish Baby is one of Dramanon’s longest running plays that premiered in Manipal in 2005. The play was originally written by William Seebring, which was later performed in Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Hyderabad. It was last performed in Hyderabad at 2007, 10 years ago. They are back now to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the show at the City of Pearls. The script was devised and developed by the director and the new cast, which includes Sashidhar Kocharlakota, Cimba Parsapu, Gopika Jairam, Faria Abdullah, and Ayaz Pasha. Also contributing as guest performers are Kanishka Dasgupta and Aditya Roy Sinha. The voiceover has been done by the director himself.

Without missing the essence of the original storyline, they are retelling the same story with some tweaks to the form and structure, while adapting modern references. The play starts with the story of a miracle baby born without a heart in a hospital in Mumbai. The hospital staff tries to make a big splash out of it by reaching out to publications that will write about their hospital. Meanwhile, the media has its own ax to grind. To put it in a nutshell, The Original Last Wish Baby is a story that explores the various facets of human existence and their struggle with materialism. It also talks about the loss of identity and gives a perfect definition of life and death by cleverly blending the heartless baby concept. If looked at closely, the metaphor of a heartless baby coincides with the industrialized and corporate world.

Director R.K. Shenoy deserves appreciation for portraying a story with an excellent message that is very relevant to today’s generation. The episode of a big mall replacing a tiny village is heart-touching. The dialogues are well-written and the background music is fantastic, giving the right essence of what is to be conveyed. The actors’ performances require a special mention, as they are terrific with their dialogue delivery and expressions. Overall, the play is a perfect amalgamation of laughter, tears, contemplation, and introspection. It has equal dosages of comedy, sentiments and a good message.

The Original Last Wish Baby is a decent one-hour long drama that makes you glued to your seats from the start till the end. A must-watch show and strongly recommended, it has poetry, wit, and humor, with delicately choreographed movement pieces, audiovisual transitions and a live band that maintains the pulse and rhythm of the story.

Upcoming shows:
13th & 14th October – Hyderabad

By Ajay Mudunuri.

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