Bengaluru Comedy Festival is afoot and the full-fledged Tamil stand-up comedian Praveen Kumar’s ‘36 Vayathiniley‘ show brings everything that a Tamilian is about, to the front. Praveen, with his extremely hilarious and awkward puns with a series of cute dad jokes, takes you to a trip down memory lane.

The show kicked off with Bharghav (dearly known as Baggy to his peers) engaging in some fun crowd interaction making sure everyone gives their 110% during the show. As a prelude to Praveen’s show, he spoke about his achievement i.e., turning 30 and how his interactions with his friends changed drastically.

Then it was time for the main man. A Sunday afternoon couldn’t possibly be as chilled out as it is to watch Praveen Kumar live in action. Ranting about his experience in life as a 36-year-old stuck between old age and youth, his completely Tamil show brings forward all facets of his life to the center stage. Praveen, with his fast-paced delivery, delivered material that ranged from awkward dirty puns (all puns are awkward but hilarious) to clean family content, allowing for your thathaspaatis and yourself to relate to his wonderfully structured content.

From his school days of being an immature and innocent kid to his recent shows, no interactions were spared. Not even self-deprecation which, might we add, is the best kind of humour and is content that will always work. His content worked brilliantly for the Tamizh crowd, people born and brought up in Chennai, but also was an absolute delight to the ones who have Tamizh in their blood. He took on some hilarious and light-hearted topics and set the audience’s mood to a nice, chilled and laid back one, of course owing to the fact that it was on a Sunday afternoon. 

If you are ever feeling stuck between old age and youth and can spare yourself to some light-hearted comedy, then we suggest that you bring your thatha, paati, chithi, chithappa, parents and all your folks to watch Praveen live and make a family day out of it! You can also find some of his content online, but nothing beats watching this man live!

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– By Nikita Fernandes