Kannada – one of the oldest languages has become a versatile one over the years and the dialect is adapted in various ways pertaining to various places in the state and it couldn’t make a native any prouder than to see this portrayed and celebrated in the most comical way possible. For those of you who aren’t as well versed in the language, Pukkate Salahe means to give advice for nothing in return and this is the premise of the play where an astrologer gives fake astrology advice to people for nothing in return.

Pukkate SalaheVikasa Motion Arts staged the famous H. Dundiraj play, Pukkate Salahe in the most prestigious KH Kala Soudha on Saturday evening and it was such a fun evening for elders and the youth alike!

The play is about an astrologer, Shastri  LAPananda TOPananda (because he gives fake horoscopes from his laptop, played by the director Ashok V.). He is on a TV show and takes calls from various viewers from all over Karnataka and advises them by providing solutions to their problems. Viewers from all over the state speak in various dialects and it is extremely fun and funny to listen to the variations and styles. The play, besides the main storyline, has advertisements as fillers, which is a comical twist to the regular ads that we see on TV. With a great cast of about 10 to 12 actors who play the viewers and also the advertisement actors show great versatility in their acting and make it an absolute delight to watch. The viewers who are showcased are from various walks of life and the play is “progressive” enough to talk (just a bit) about homosexuality.

A very well-written script with incredibly funny and smart dialogues sent the crowd roaring with laughter and the entire theatre left talking about the jokes! The script had a great number of Kannada puns and carefully crafted satire with a hint of dirty jokes making it appealing to people of all ages.

If you’re a play enthusiast and are looking for something to do with your thathas and ajjis and atthes and maavas, we strongly suggest you make a family outing of this light-hearted and hilarious play.

– Nikita Fernandes.

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