Rajeshwari Sachdev Steals The Show in Gauhar

Lillete Dubey is a theatre veteran and is currently juggling between two successful plays – Salaam, Noni Appa, and Gauhar. While she acts and directs the first one, Dubey does not star in the latter. After completing a tour in the USA, Gauhar returned to Mumbai with a show at the Royal Opera House. This was their 55th show and was packed. Find out why this play is so appreciated.

What’s Gauhar About:

Gauhar is based on the life India’s first mass media superstar. Born as Angelina Yeoward, she was later christened Gauhar Jaan when her mother married a Muslim man. The singer was extremely popular across the country and used to perform for the Royals. After hearing her sing in multiple languages, Fred Gaisberg of the Gramophone Company signed her up for a contract according to which she had to record a number of songs for them. Besides bringing her glorious career to life, the play also focuses on her personal issues with her father and the men she dated.

What Works:

Dubey has a fantastic ensemble of actors, most of whom play multiple characters. Rajeshwari Sachdev is truly the star of the show and nails it with her dance. Legendary singer Vilayat Khan’s daughter – Zila – wows the audience with her live singing and boy, she can act too. Denzil Smith, another stalwart, shines as Gauhar’s estranged father and Mr. Gaisberg. Mahesh Dattani has wonderfully adapted the book by Vikram Sampath and the non-linear storytelling keeps you engaged.


What Could’ve Been Better:

Gauhar seems to get a little slow and a bit preachy at times. However, the overall experience rises above tese 

Why You Should Watch This Play:

Gauhar shows why Lillete Dubey is such a respected name in the theatre circuit. The drama is beautifully written and acted and going by the audiences’ reaction, this one looks set for a century.

25th November – Mumbai

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