When it comes to a circus, Rambo is one of the most famous and acclaimed names in India. It was established in 1991 and still runs at places all over India and abroad. Currently running in Mumbai, Rambo Circus has around a 100 talented and dedicated artists from around the country who present acts that not only entertain you but also keep you on the edge of your seats.

If we are talking about a circus, then clowns are an inevitable topic. Rambo Circus features clowns in all shapes and sizes who entertain and tease you while helping the artists in their acts. The circus routine has everything that will make you go ‘wow’, to stunts that will give you chills. The artists do it all with so much ease that everything looks like a piece of cake. And if you want to enjoy it, all you need to do is be on time as the circus runs on the clock.

While the entire line-up suits someone or the other, here are a few things you can look forward to in Rambo Circus:

Trapeze Artists
All the artists in the circus are extremely fit, strong, and have terrifically flexible bodies. The way they bend and hold on to other artists, it is almost like they have no bones in their bodies. The line-up is filled with such wonderful acts that will make you question the anatomy of a human body.

Dog Show
As if dogs aren’t cute enough, the circus has them dressed in adorable tutus, which make you go ‘aww’. They perform acts like jumping through rings, rolling the log, walking as a train and the best of all – a 
doggo dance.

Rambo Circus review - BookMyShow

The Wheel of Death
Certainly the biggest and most dangerous of all, the wheel of death is rolled by two artists. They climb on it without any safety while the wheel keeps moving. It is not just fast-paced but the performers make it look super easy too, which is definitely not true.

The Mono Cycles
Monocycles have always been an attractive deal in circuses and Rambo Circus has more than one of them. The artists not only ride but also synchronize while riding and sometimes manage to catch a few cutleries while doing so.

Jugglers and Skippers
Juggling is a quintessential part of a circus along with synchronized skipping ropes. Guess what? They have this here as well!

Rambo Circus review - BookMyShow

Magic Change of Clothes
Like we have seen on TV, two artists come and change at least 6 dresses magically in front of you within a fraction of seconds. This cannot be explained here; you need to witness it live to believe it.

The Fish Man
There are all kinds of people in the world but this man is simply astonishing. He can gulp gallons of water in a breath and if that is not enough, he can get all of that out like a human fountain. That’s not all, he can drink two different colored liquids and spit out without mixing them together.

Balancing Acts
It is hard to keep a balance of things in one’s life but at Rambo Circus, the artists can balance themselves on almost anything – be it a wire or knives or just empty air (kidding).

With the advent of new entertainment mediums and technology, a circus doesn’t excite kids like it used to a decade ago. But if you want to show your little ones the most exciting and entertaining thing of your childhood, you must visit Rambo Circus while it is still in your city.