Rang Rangeela Gujjubhai

Rang Rangeela Gujjubhai is a Laugh Riot!

There is scope for a lot of humor in a relationship and all the Gujaratis agree. We have countless plays, movies, and stand-up acts to prove that we derive a lot of laughs from the small fights a husband and wife might have. Siddharth Randeria is a big name in Gujarati theatre industry. His plays like Bas Kar Bakula and Gujjubhai Banya Dabang are classics which make us roll on the floor with laughter as he becomes the husband in distress. He has come up with yet another story and it opened at Bhaidas Auditorium with a houseful crowd. Rang Rangeela Gujjubhai will surely make you cry with laughter.

Rang Rangeela GujjubhaiProfessor Priyakant Upadhyay (Siddharth Randeria) is a husband who is tired of his wife’s antics and has a prospective girlfriend on the side, Soniya. His wife Manju who is tired of his ways decides to take the advice of her aunt and make the Professor think that she is having an affair. That starts a chain of hilarious fights between the couple as they try to one-up each other with their respective non-existent affairs.

Do you secretly find those Whatsapp jokes your uncles share on the group funny? If yes, you will definitely be laughing out loud as the play has plenty of those. Tejal Vyas as Manju packs some amazing moves and you will be leaving the theater with a smile on your face. The climax sequence will certainly make your tummy hurt with laughter. Siddharth Randeria is the man who doesn’t seem to age. You will find nothing different when it comes to his energy on stage. You can also compare him to the plays you saw a decade ago and the performance has just gotten better. 

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