People usually blame others for their failures. When a man cannot achieve what he wishes for, he believes he has two options – to curse himself or put the blame on others. Most of the times, it is easier to hold other people accountable. Refund tells a story of one such unsuccessful man who blames his school for his failures. The play presents even the most ludicrous situations in hilarious ways. Every age group can thoroughly enjoy this play. Read the entire review below.


Buddhi Sagar played by Shashi Chaturvedi, is a middle-aged man who has been a failure all his life and gets kicked out of every organization. Eventually, he gets used to people telling him that he is good for nothing. However, his last boss fires him saying that he has learned nothing in school and that he should get his tuition fees back. Buddhi Sagar goes back to school and walks up to his principal, demanding a refund of his entire fees along with interest. The principal is perplexed when Buddhi Sagar blames the teachers for not doing their job properly. Things get interesting when Buddhi Sagar demands a re-examination that he is hell-bent on failing. On the other hand, the teachers have teamed up and are determined to get rid of him. They decide to prove Buddhi Sagar right irrespective of the answers. A lot of drama unfolds as the ‘Buddhi Sagar vs teachers’ match begins.


From the minute the play begins, the audience is rolling over with laughter. Refund has a touch of nostalgia to it and takes you back to the good old school days. Morning prayers, punishments, making fun of teachers, and the familiar sound of the bell – the play has it all. Live music is used in the performance, which is extremely catchy and the lyrics are downright hilarious. However, it is the actors who shine the brightest with their phenomenal comic timing. The way every teacher comes up with the silliest of justifications for Buddhi Sagar’s incorrect answers leaves the audience in splits.



The play could’ve been a bit longer as it seems a little rushed towards the end. With an engaging plot, Refund kept the audience wanting for more.


Refund is a light-hearted take on how it is easy to hold others responsible for our mistakes. In the end, the play beautifully conveys the message that ‘Teachers open the door for you, but you must enter by yourself ’. Don’t miss to catch Refund and other plays by Rangshila Theatre Group whenever they happen in your city.

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– by Heenal Shah.

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