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Six Characters in Search of an Author Is A Meta Drama In The Making

T.Pot Production’s interpretation of Luigi Pirandello’s acclaimed play, Six Characters in Search of an Author is a drama unlike any other. As you watch it, this play is writing itself while also discussing where the line between illusion and reality is drawn.

What’s Six Characters in Search of an Author About:

A director and his actors are rehearsing for a play when they are rudely interrupted by six strangers. These strangers claim to be characters who are in pursuit of an author who left them without a play. The director and the six characters soon get involved in a heated discussion as they attempt to write the characters into a play.

Six Characters in Search of an Author - BookMyShow Blog

What Works:

Interpreting Pirandello’s greatest intellectual works is a heavy task. T.Pot Production’s version takes a dense plot that is rich with philosophical dialogue and presents it to us in a relatable Indian context with just a pinch of comedy.

We all have complex emotions and experiences throughout the course of our lives. But the world outside us only knows the important bits that we display. What happens when you’re just a character in a play, whose whole existence is just those important bits? What happens to these characters when they are left outside of the play that they were made for? Six Characters in Search of an Author is an attempt to answer all of these questions. Intense, right? Director Trishla Patel does it brilliantly. Taking place on a raw set with basic costumes, she only relies on the dialogues, acting, and brilliant lighting to give us this deeply metaphysical play.

What Could’ve Been Better:

More attention could’ve been placed on the costumes. The sets could be more elaborate, which could add another level of entertainment. However, the director’s choice to exclude these elements gives us a raw atmosphere and leaves more room for us to focus on the dialogues.

Why You Should Watch:

Six Characters in Search of an Author will take you on a profound journey in pursuit of reality, with just the right amount of comedy. If you want to experience Pirandello’s acclaimed play on stage or you simply love a play that will get you thinking, then this is an experience you cannot miss!

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