Event Review- Saat Teri Ekvees

Saat Teri Ekvees- #Womanologues That Have Raised the Bar of Gujarati Theatre

With two successful instalments previously, Saat Teri Ekvees is back again with its third season which is absolutely smacking. Even though the basic fundamentals of the play still remain the same- a collection of hard-hitting seven monologues, this time around, there is only one man behind the beautiful direction of this wonderful play – Pratik Gandhi. Pratik who has an established name in Gujarati theatre for his acting, has made his directorial debut with Saat Teri Ekvees and has done a splendid job at it.

Being an ardent fan of Gujarati theatre, I booked my tickets for Saat Teri Ekvees hoping this would be a new experience, as I had never really watched Gujarati monologues before. And it did much more than just meeting my expectations. So if you are planning on booking your tickets for it, hang on there, and scan through my review.

Before the performances could start, Darshan Jariwala, a close friend of the producer of Saat Teri EkveesManhar Gadhia and a renowned name in theatre as well as movies, gave us a small introduction about the history of this play as well as his association with the series. He further went on to stress on how monologues hone an artist’s skills. This time, the monologues were dubbed as womanologues as the series dealt with the topic of desires of a woman like survival, intimacy, motherhood, love and appreciation.

As the name suggests, there were seven monologues all performed by extremely talented women and each one of them was highly relatable.

Bhai Bhai – Actor: Binda Raval

 Saat Teri Ekvees Play Review - BookMyShowA simple story of a woman from a small town in Gujarat, Bhai Bhai was an extremely heart-warming performance. It was the perfect start to the evening full of touching stories.

Ekisvu Tiffin – Actor: Chitralekha Rathod

Saat Teri Ekvees Play Review - BookMyShowBased on the relationship between a mother and daughter, Ekisvu Tiffin was a relatable play that reminded us of how we take our hard-working mothers for granted and often forget to appreciate their efforts for us.

Indo – Actor: Shraddha Musale

Saat Teri Ekvees Play Review - BookMyShowAnother incredible performance by Shraddha, Indo was about the girl child and how India as a nation is filled with traditions which teach us to respect goddesses but as a society that still frowns upon birth of a girl, we are still extremely backward.

Apeksha- Actor: Ami Trivedi

Saat Teri Ekvees Play Review - BookMyShowWords wouldn’t do justice to Ami Trivedi’s act. She was confident and had a unique connect with the audience which may also be the reason she received an applause right after her performance. Based on how the society is hypocritical and how everyone is trying to show the bright side of their life on social media, Apeksha was easily my favorite.

Zankhana- Actor: Veronica Gautam

Saat Teri Ekvees Play Review - BookMyShowA story of a young married woman and her journey of not wanting to be a mother to craving for a child, Zankhana was an emotional ride.

Toral Joshi Tinder – Actor: Tusharika Rajguru

Saat Teri Ekvees Play Review - BookMyShowThis one here, has definitely upped the level of the entire act of the evening. A story about a woman and her experiences with the dating app, Tinder, Toral Joshi Tinder was the performance that would appeal to gennext.

Madhubala – Actor: Bhamini Gandhi

Saat Teri Ekvees Play Review - BookMyShow

An ode to the yesteryear beauty – Madhubala, this enactment took us through the difficult and twisted life journey of Madhubala. Revealing some facts that were unheard of, the closing act of the evening definitely left me shook and teary eyed.

So if you are still debating about whether or not you should book your tickets for Saat Teri Ekvees, stop thinking and book now. It is totally worth your money and time. Moreover, it will leave you with some memorable performances.

Disclaimer: If the dates for this event have expired, it means that there are no upcoming shows for the same. Dates will be updated once new shows are scheduled by the organizer. Keep checking this space for more.